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Jan 08 2018


Every Monday for 7 Weeks)
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM



Operation FitKids | 1st-5th Grade

Science Fitness Personal Training is proud to announce a new fitness offering just for kids and teens, Operation FitKids!

This comprehensive 7 week program, developed by the American Council on Exercise to correlate with the State of California Department of Education Health Framework provides students education on both healthy food choices and physical activity providing life skills to maintain health and well-being.

Class instruction will be provided by Science Fitness’ qualified certified fitness instructors in a small class format in our private, professional, studio. Space is limited.

Operation FitKids Curriculum | 1st – 5th Grade

Week 1: Move & Groove As You Eat to Win
Fitness – Understand the Kid’s Activity Pyramid
Nutrition – Understand the MyPlate Guidance Plan

Week 2: Heart Smart Kids On The Liquid Lookout
Fitness – Learn the importance of our hearts & the youth RPE scale
Nutrition – Identify what to drink for healthy &proper hydration

Week 3: Walk This Way/Snack Attack
Fitness – Know your steps and safe walking techniques
Nutrition – Identify healthy snack choices

Week 4: Pump It Up/How Much to Eat
Fitness – Explain the importance of strength exercises
Nutrition – Explain a food label and its components

Week 5: Toughen Up/Cut The Fat
Fitness – Demonstrate muscle-strengthening exercises
Nutrition – List ways to reduce fat and calories in fast-food meals

Week 6: Chill Out/Breakfast…Don’t Skip It
Fitness – Explain the benefits of stretching
Nutrition – Understand the importance of eating breakfast

Week 7: Putting It All Together
Fitness & Nutrition – Putting lessions 1-6 together to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle and lifetime healthy eating habits